The education system should facilitate an education that prepares students to succeed outside the classroom in all facets, facing the challenging and changing environment with strength, valour imbibing social responsibility and holding high the ethical values.

At SRRCET, we are determined to prepare world-class professionals who can strive to achieve success through high competence and caliber, dedicated towards serving the organization and the society with zeal and integrity. The changing economic situation, the changing global market makes it clear that employees are constantly raising the bar. It is challenging the education system to come up with even higher standards to meet the expectation of employers.

Realizing this, our students are trained to acquire excellent technical knowledge, agile leadership qualities, excellent logical reasoning and problem solving skills to enhance the employability quotient. In addition to the core and elective courses, every student is exposed to excel in value added inputs in terms of specialization in fields of interest, job oriented courses, foreign languages, communication skills and behavioral sciences to face the scenarios of any core or service organization, living up to the vision and mission of the institution.

This Brochure gives the reader glimpses of our campus, the teaching pedagogy adapted and the activities to mould the student into professionally successful individuals which I am sure will inspire you to visit our campus as the first choice for campus recruitment, internships and pre-placement offers.

Looking forward to join hands with you and establishing an association with your organization to build better carriers and a better nation, making the world a better place to live in.