To innovate and achieve excellence in Education, Research and Extension in Agriculture for sustainable development, responsible stewardship and meeting global opportunities in conserving, preserving and augmenting the environment and natural resources for the betterment of society. To train and produce an Agricultural Engineer with a wealth of knowledge and function effectively in disciplines like agricultural machinery and automated machine systems, soil conservation, irrigation and drainage, crop nutrient and fertigation, postharvest handling and value addition, farm animals and housing etc. for the efficient production and processing of food, feed, fiber and fuels.


To provide and enable comprehensive and transformative education system in Agriculture with dynamic research and extension framework to create Professional Technocrats, Agropreneurs and Researchers with high ethical values. To create linkages in learning and research to the needs of farmers and rural society. To develop quality human resources and leaders through skill development and experiential learning process for Agro and Bio Enterprises. To establish the necessary Infrastructure to meet the Industrial and R&D needs. To develop skills on the various aspects of agricultural engineering to make graduates blossom into Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Academicians and Technologists for sustained food production so as to meet the ever-increasing population’s food needs.


The Agricultural Engineering program is designed to develop skills and explore career areas in agriculture and allied fields. The instructional program includes topics in animal, plant, environmental, soil, food sciences, horticulture, landscaping and agricultural engineering. Students will acquire skills necessary to meet their individual career objectives, occupational skills for gainful employment and leadership abilities to work effectively in groups and as a team. This department is equipped with state of the art laboratory facilities with highly qualified Members of Faculty. Department has fully modernized Irrigation Laboratory, Robotics and Drones, IoT/ RS & GIS empowered / Embedded Protected Cultivation structures such as Green Houses and Organic Terrace Cultivation using Micro-irrigation and Fertigation systems (Aquaponics and Hydroponics), Land Reclamation alongside and Drainage layouts, Rainwater Harvesting and Recycling of industrial wastewaters do assume significance. Agricultural processing laboratory has been built to serve the demands of teaching and research on the Processing Technology of agriculture produces. The department offers hands-on training for students from first year onwards on the latest agricultural engineering technologies.