Alumni Association of Sri RaajaRaajan College of Engineering and Technology established the Alumni Associationl in 2015 to maintain a good linkage between the Institute and Alumni. It provides a platform that helps Alumni to maintain connection with the college and fellow graduates. It also plays a pivotal role in helping to shape the future of our college, through alumni contribution, to build an engaged and supportive community. The association fosters a spirit of loyalty to promote the general welfare of our organization and supports our institution goal. Sri RaajaRaajan College of Engineering and Technology takes pride in having a friendly and healthy relationship with “The Srrcetians”. The Alumni Association meets once a year to interact, providing the college and alumni with opportunities for a symbiotic relationship.The SRRCET Alumni Association has been registered under Tamilnadu Society Registration Act on June 20, 2023.

“Let’s create Bonding”

The Alumni Association of Sri RaajaRaajan College of Engineering and Technologystrives to develop strong connections between the institute and its family of alumniand perpetuate a desire for life-long involvement with the institute

  • To establish a spirit of loyalty to the institute.
  • To foster a strong bond between the alumni, students and the institution.
  • To advance Sri RaajaRaajanCollege of Engineering and Technology through programsthat serve as a bridge between industry and institute.
  • To investigate new opportunities and find prospective careers for students in fields ofemerging trends and technologies.

  • To facilitate professional networking for mutual benefit in academic and professionalcareer.
  • To facilitate alumni to contribute to the institutes initiatives for achieving excellence inacademics, research, consultancy, training and placement.
  • To facilitate the association of alumni with their Alma Mater.
  • To function on charitable basis, and to run the Association on no profit no loss basis.
  • To establish Alumni endowments for granting scholarships, prizes and medals to themeritorious students.
  • To promote a lifelong relation and to act as a forum for the exchange of informationamong its members.
  • To organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students.
  • To exchange professional knowledge, organize technical conferences, seminarsworkshops & training courses.
  • To provide career development and guidance.
  • To create interest and motivate the alumni to participate in the progress of the Institute and make them contribute towards the enhancement of their Alma mater.
  • To acknowledge the contributions made by passed out students

  • Chief Patron: The Chairman of Sri Raaja Raajan college of Engineering and Technology will be the Chief Patron to the Association.
  • Patron: The Principal of Sri Raaja Raajan College of Engineering and Technology will be the Patron to the Association
  • Executive Body:There shall be an Executive Committee to manage the affairs of the Association. The executive committee shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint secretary, Treasurer, Executive Committee members and Ex-officio members.
  • Local Chapters:There may be local chapters in India and Abroad. The membership with the local chapter will be governed by SRRCET -Alumni Association.

  • The president shall preside over the executive committee meetings and maintain their minutes.
  • The president shall have all the power for promotion of the objectives of the alumni association.
  • The President shall have discretionary powers to take any decision and report to the Executive Committee for ratification.
  • The President shall keep tracking of what is going in the alumni association.
Vice President
  • The Vice President shall exercise the duties of the President in his absence.
  • The Vice President shall render advice to the Executive Committee with regard to promotion of the objectives of the association.
  • To make complete agenda of the all program and give it to the secretary for file.
  • The Secretary shall look after the activities of the Association under the supervision of the President.
  • To keep the permanent record of minutes of all meetings.
  • The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out all correspondence of the association.
  • To have the accurate record of all activities like full membership list of the alumni, guest lecturers, industrial visits, invitation forms etc.,
Joint Secretary
  • The Joint secretary shall exercise the duties of the secretary in his absence.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the president.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of the financial records and accounts of the association.
  • The Treasurer shall operate the funds of the Association jointly with the President.
Executive Member
  • The Executive Members shall assist the Executive Committee in the delegation of their responsibilities.
  • The Executive Committee members should attend the alumni meetings.
Finance and accounts
  • The account of the Association shall be opened in Indian Federal Bank (FB) in Karaikudi into which all subscription and other income shall be credited and operated.
  • Financial year of the Association shall be from April 1 to March 31.
  • Withdrawals of funds shall be made only with the approval of the President.
  • The accounts of the Association shall be audited every year by Auditor to be appointed by the Executive Committee.
Records of the association
  • The following records shall be maintained by the Association
  • i) Membership details;
  • ii) Minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and
  • iii) Minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and
  • The records shall include details of all sums of money received and the sources and the sources thereof, and all the sums of money spent
  • To conduct one meeting yearly at the Chapter wise section.
  • To conduct one meeting yearly in the Institute.
  • To participate in various functions at the college.